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Assembly services from prototypes to serial production

Online Assembly Services with Sathive

Sathive is the European industry platform for Assembly and many other manufacturing service providers. You can post the projects to our online tool and start receiving quotes from a large network of European Suppliers looking to win your projects.

Our members network is comprised from only European Suppliers that enable you to establish near-shoring cooperation for sourcing your parts. Use our in-depth filtering to find business partners that meet your location, size, specialisation and standards needs. If you are looking for assembly services, chances are we have a perfect supplier to match your needs.

With such a high volume of qualified and modern Suppliers across Europe using Sathive Sourcing solutions can help you cut cost on parts, shipping and help you save on stocking-up.

Sathive takes the guesswork out sourcing for assembly services and helps you get a better overview of your operations cost. We have taken the complexity out of search of suppliers. 

All you need to do is identify which parts you need produced, post an Assembly project, wait for quotes from European Suppliers to arrive and compare the bids. This way, you are sure to get best deals every time!

Assembly Processes

Classic Assembly Line

  • Repetitive assembly lines
  • Prototype assembly lines
  • High complexity assembly lines
  • Multi-disciplinary assembly lines

Intermittent Assembly Line

  • Customisation assembly lines
  • One-off assembly lines
  • Hand-crafting assembly lines

Automated Assembly Line

  • Fully automated assembly lines
  • Semi-automated assembly lines
  • AI and IoT enabled assembly lines
  • High capacity automated assembly lines

Lean Assembly Line

  • Waste elimination
  • Kaizen (continuous improvement)
  • Heijunka (level production)
  • JIT (Just In Time) production
  • One piece flow
  • Quality built-in
  • Poka-Yoke (mistake proofing)
  • idoka (detecting defects through automation)

Assembly line customisation

No matter what your requirements are our European Supplier Network is ready to meet them!

Post your projects and define any customisations available with your products. Discuss the details through SatMail application and find out if Suppliers meet all of your requirements.

Reduced Costs

Due to the nature of European market there are obvious advantages to set up your assembly operations in a lower cost countries. Near-shoring can bring your organisation considerable savings by reducing labour spending.

Advantages of outsourced assembly lines

Flexible Capacity

Another advantage of outsourcing assembly line is that you take away a pressure of managing your own staff in case production capacity needs to be increased or decreased.

Easier Scaling

Take the hassle of scaling your production out of your table. Let our European Supplier Network to take care of this.

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