Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing: from 3D printing to composite production

Additive Manufacturing and 3D-Printing Services with Sathive

To begin with, Sathive is a platform for the European industry of Additive Manufacturing and 3D printing service providers. For instance, here you can post projects and start receiving quotes from a network of European Suppliers.

Sathive network is composed of only European Suppliers thus enabling you to establish near-shore collaboration for sourcing your parts. Not to mention our in-depth filtering system to find business partners that meet your criteria (location and size, specialization, or specification). In other words, if you are looking for additive manufacturing: from composite production to 3D printing services, chances are we have a perfect supplier to match your demands.

Not to mention that with such a high volume of qualified and modern Suppliers across Europe simultaneously using Sathive Sourcing, it indeed can help you to cut costs on parts manufacturing, shipping and help you save on stocking-up. As a result, Sathive assists you to get a better overview of the cost of your parts. To put it briefly, we have taken the complexity out of the search of suppliers and made it simple! 

In conclusion, first thing you need to do now is to identify which parts you need to be produced then post the project for manufacturing and wait for quotes from suppliers. After that, compare the bids and choose the best deal specifically catered for you! 

Additive Manufacturing Processes

3D Printing

  • SLS (Selective Laser Sintering)
  • FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling)
  • DOD (Drop on Demand)
  • Metal/Sand Binder Jetting
  • Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) / Selective Laser Melting (SLM)


  • Dry Winding
  • Wet Winding
  • Semi-Dry/Semi-Wet Winding
  • Selective Deposition Lamination
  • LENS (Laser Engineered Net Shaping)
  • Custom Composites manufacture

Additive Manufacturing Materials

  • Polymer matrix
  • Filler materials
  • Form/Shape
  • Wood
  • Metals
  • Acetal 
  • Acrylic
  • Epoxy
  • Fluoropolymer (PTFE/PVDF)
  • PEEK

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  • Flat/Bar Stock
  • Film/Sheet
  • Hollow/Tubular stock
  • Plate
  • Extruded profile

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  • Wood-plastic composites
  • Medium-density fibreboard (MDF)
  • Plywood
  • Engineered wood
  • Particle Board

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Various types of powder metals and metal stock can be used to produce your composite material products.

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Additive Manufacturing Finishes

  • As-Done
  • Bead Blast
  • Custom

Option for the quickest turnaround. Parts are left with visible tool marks therefore they potentially might have sharp edges and burrs (which also can be removed upon request). 

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The surface of the part is left with a smooth, matte appearance (Only applicable for specific composite materials).

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Industrial Design

Additive manufacturing and 3D Printing is an increasingly popular solution for industrial designers. Not only it is low cost and method versatility, but also quick manufacturing makes it attractive solution.

Applications of Additive Manufacturing

Rapid Prototyping

A range of new technologies available with low cost and high accuracy machining allows Additive manufacturing and 3D Printing to be the best option for Cheap and precise prototyping in flexible quantities.​

Serial Production

High-quality finishes, low weight, and versatile strength properties make additive manufacturing and 3D printing attractive technology for small to medium serial production. Also modern machinery enables low cost per item.

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