We help companies find best manufacturing suppliers for their projects

Save time and cost when identifying and qualifying Suppliers

Every procurement team faces the same problem

How to efficiently identify and qualify Suppliers

We use our Supplier database and e-sourcing tools to help companies find Suppliers across Europe and beyond... Without wasting time and resources.

These are smart European manufacturers that trust us:

We are the specialists you've been looking for.

We help you Qualify Suppliers by:

  • Using our database of European suppliers who are qualified to accomplish projects that meet your exact requirements.
  • Tested and systemic Request For Information (RFI) process to meet your Project needs.
  • Using automation and other cutting edge tools to continuously improve our services.
  • Personalised and in-depth Supplier checks by one of our Sourcing managers

We help you reduce manufacturing cost by:

  • Implementing our Sathive tender process for your Project needs.
  • Using most innovative e-sourcing solutions.
  • Helping you understand the Value and Pricing of your manufactured parts and sourced services.
  • Helping you to maintain a healthy Supply Chain.
  • Reducing number and increasing quality or flexibility of your current suppliers.

We are passionate to make your Supply Chain shine!

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Cost saving tools

To help you save resources, time and cost in your everyday operations while dealing with modern and quality minded European suppliers

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E-sourcing solutions

Modern e-sourcing solutions for your business to drive digitalisation in your company

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Green manufacturing

For sourcing close to your home market thus, reducing your Company's carbon footprint while saving on shipping

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