We are Sathive, your new sourcing platform for suppliers and businesses.

Use our platform to find new near-shoring opportunities in Europe!

Why Sathive?

Finding reliable business partners can be a long process.

Searching, qualifying and shortlisting suppliers can take weeks to complete. The time-consuming task costs greatly for both sides.

We believe that establishing new business contacts should be as simple as choosing a take-away online.

We’re here to make e-sourcing accessible to everybody.

What's in it for you?

  • Efficient quote management tool for request posting and bidding
  • Extensive database of Europe's manufacturing service providers
  • Built-in communication functionality
  • Your go-to platform for supply chain management

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Solutions for Suppliers:

Get notified when a request for quotation is posted on the platform and bid on a specific task. Directly contact new clients that have a need you can fulfill.

Get ad-hoc and long-term deals to maintain a stable order flow. Work when you want and how much you want.

Be recognized for good work. Our built-in review and rating system will strengthen your competitive position and open new doors.

Being an active member means more orders, hence an opportunity for expansion.

Solutions for Buyers:

Browse the database of suppliers or make a tender to have them contact you!

Create a tender, compare bids, choose the best deal. It’s that simple!

Once you create a tender, we’ll send it out to all the relevant companies in the industry. Spend time on more valuable tasks.

Create a micro-page, showcase your products and be found by other buyers.

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